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HUMANS "Boys&Girls" (Peter Ricq, dir.) - 360VR

The JUNO Award nominated duo wanted to create an animated virtual reality with a girl dancing in front and a guy dancing behind. So they brought their 2D animations into the 3D space for an increasingly trippy music video. The band heard the final mix of the track right before playing Coachella 2016 and performed it for the first time on the stage that afternoon. On translating the single to video, the band says “we wanted something that has the viewer move as he or she is watching. We decided on doing a dance video with a girl dancing in front of you and a guy dancing behind you. Because it's so new, finding the information on how to make your 2D drawings work in a 3D space was really difficult. We just couldn't really read about it anywhere and so figuring it out ended up taking longer than animating it.”



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