@JosephKahn I don't care if you're going back to work on twitter. Unless you're a porn star. Then tell me everything. 8 hours 9 min ago
@JosephKahn Sunday afternoons is for pop music. 15 hours 8 min ago
@iamdiddy No one is hiding information from you. You can get to information if you're relentless. Information is currency. #askdiddy 1 day 18 hours ago
@JosephKahn RT @BastardKeith: Here is how much I loved @JosephKahn's DETENTION: I bought it on Blu while it's still streaming. You might hate it. But y… 1 day 15 hours ago
@taylorswift13 RT @treepaine: ▶ I'm so proud of @taylorswift13 response regarding writing songs about relationships. It starts at 5:25. #RealTalk http://t… 1 day 5 hours ago
@iamdiddy The hardest venture I've ever taken on. I didn't understand what it took to create content 24/7365. #askdiddy | learned in year 1 of REVOLT 1 day 18 hours ago
@iamdiddy It'd definitely would be my mother and she would tell me to be more aware. #askdiddy | Who can be 100% honest w/me & what would they say. 1 day 18 hours ago
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@jus10p @cnnbrk @CNN this is the whitest thing ever. 1 day 7 hours ago
@questlove Can someone verify if indeed our girls are now free? http://t.co/Bs5FElMfp4 #BringBackOurGirls 23 hours 19 min ago
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@JosephKahn @shaviro I look forward to reading, as always. 1 day 15 hours ago
@iamdiddy I'm just started to tap into my team more and working with people who are smarter than me. #askdiddy | running all the companies. 1 day 18 hours ago
@JosephKahn Holy crap I just woke up from a dream where everyone rejected me. Girls, dad, Hollywood, Las Vegas. It was like I was 21 again. 1 day 19 hours ago
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@markromanek RT @RollingStone: Dawn of Def Jam: Rick Rubin returns to his NYU dorm room: http://t.co/JQVt7wFmWW 19 hours 55 min ago
@jus10p @JuddApatow is that the one where you juice cocaine? 1 day 6 hours ago

IN PRODUCTION: David Guetta - Colin Tilley, dir.

    Tommy Labuda DNA
  • artist: David Guetta
  • song: "Just One Last Time"
  • label: EMI
  • director(s): Colin Tilley
  • production co: DNA
  • rep: Tommy Labuda
  • producer: Michelle Larkin
  • exec. producer: Missy Galanida, David Naylor
  • commissioner: Danny Lockwood
Tags: DNA, EMI

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