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PSY Can Now Afford To Be Gangnam Style

There was a period of time when the music video was marginalized.

"They don't matter... They don't break songs... They're too expensive..."

Maybe that was true for a minute (literally, perhaps), but does anyone think that PSY would have conquered the world if it wasn't for that video with it's horsey dance?

And regardless of what the video cost — I wasted a few days on that question and the consensus seemed to be around $450k, give or take a few million won — is anyone questioning that investment now that PSY has earned $8.1. million this year? 

That's the number the AP pins as PSY's cut of his worldwide smash. $8.1 million. His cut of the YouTube ad revenue alone is estimated as $800k, which should double the video cost. And while it's tempting to guess the bulk of that $8.1 million is from South Korea, they actually use a streaming subscription model where the AP estimates he only earned $600k.

PSY is probably a one in a billion example, but it's hard not to notice that videos seem to be the first wave of music exposure for most people. People are stationed in front of computers and they want a visual to go with that music. And videos get you to listen to songs and artists you've never heard of or never would consider otherwise.

So, here, for like the billionth time (literally), here's "Gangnam Style."

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