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@14Spaces4aName Wow. Got mentioned by @Videostatic in a post for the world to see. Damn right, today's a good day. Guess I should find more vids to review. 13 hours 49 min ago
@jus10p My credit score just went down because I owe so many #ALSIceBucketChallenge's 1 day 6 hours ago
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@JosephKahn Vancouver, LA, Barcelona, LA, NY, London, NY, LA. My next month. 11 hours 50 min ago
@anthonymandler “@denisevasi: then comes BABY in the baby carriage #vasimandlerbaby http://t.co/4pW2wLPzFX”. Greatest creation yet is on the way. 6 hours 37 min ago
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@iamdiddy The original #KingsofComedy Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor… http://t.co/uDk1ToawWP 1 day 8 hours ago
@14Spaces4aName Why is it I'm seeing @donaldglover's "3005" more on VH1 than MTV, even though it's up for a VMA? Care to comment, @Videostatic? 9 hours 59 min ago
@markromanek “@MrFist126: Who was the cinematographer & editor for the Shake It Off video?” Jeff Cronenweth & @paularcade 17 hours 42 min ago
@markromanek @earlxsweat I'm a fan, but - respectfully - your critique is invalidated by stating you've not even watched it. Please watch, then comment? 1 day 16 hours ago
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@iamdiddy What do you want to remember forever? 8 hours 11 min ago
@Videostatic In case you were wondering: No, it's not a coincidence that labels release huge videos around the @MTV VMAs. This is when people tune in. 16 hours 35 min ago
@questlove 3:23 mark......#HatedIt 1 day 2 hours ago

SHOT: Deftones - Jodeb, dir.

Director Jodeb (center, bottom) and producer Geoff McLean (left) with Deftones and the cast of "You've Seen The Butcher"... and it looks like the shot was taken after the butchery took place.

Deftones Seen the Butcher

    Vision Film Co.
  • artist: Deftones
  • song: "You've Seen The Butcher"
  • label: Warner Bros.
  • director(s): Jodeb
  • production co: Vision Ent
  • rep: RW Media

note: Vision Ent is a sponsor of Videostatic.com

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