@JosephKahn Thanks everyone who asked if my family is ok in Houston. They all died in flood, but I still have some cousins left in Korea so all good. 8 hours 59 min ago
@markromanek Bill Groom - Production Design Legend https://t.co/thg9T2DxVL 1 day 14 hours ago
@JosephKahn I used to think if I weren't a director I'd probably be a film critic, but now I'm pretty sure I'd be an uber driver. 1 day 6 hours ago
@katyperry #FBF when I was on The Warped Tour & stage dove into the crowd & lost a S/O @yungskeeter @MDMOLINARI in bckgrnd http://t.co/0VXkR4XyXm 10 hours 31 min ago
@questlove RT @jemelehill: Woke up still laughing about Anita Baker vs Cheryl Lynn. But this beef can only be settled one way: Best potato salad wins. 1 day 14 hours ago
@flo_tweet UK: Pre-order the album from @AmazonUK to get exclusive September tour pre-sale access http://t.co/SgKStAbrrq http://t.co/HKysuViKUw 20 hours 46 min ago
@TalkboyTV WATCH IT: @Skylar_Stecker "Rascal" (Mikey Easterling, dir.) http://t.co/Cy3DZZDh3u via @VideoStatic 6 hours 33 min ago
@JosephKahn No one has sex with a filmmaker for talent. Oh he shoots really good angles, that's hot. Nope doesn't happen. 1 day 13 hours ago
@Videostatic RT @guardianfilm: Monster-maker Rick Baker to retire, citing 'cheap and fast' Hollywood effects http://t.co/CQJQVhcRxh 19 hours 38 min ago
@thefreeagentuk WATCH IT: Aston Merrygold "Get Stupid" (James Lees, dir.) http://t.co/UwNtHmykY0 via @VideoStatic 1 day 1 hour ago
@jus10p @ChanclerVHaynes The endorsements are hilarious. "We think you are right for the job but you only have 9 endorsements on LinkedIn. hm..." 1 day 15 hours ago

WATCH IT: Dev "In The Dark" (Ethan Lader, dir.)

Dev lets the hands do what they want. --> watch "In The Dark"

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Ethan Lader, director | Jonathan Montepare, producer | Alliance Media Group, production co | Simran Brown, rep | Brian Garbellini, DP 

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