@A_Listermann RT @Officialzaya: @calscruby shit is so dope glad I came across his stuff. 1 day 18 hours ago
@jus10p If I ever develop a bald spot I'm just going to convert to Judaism so I can cover it up with a kippah 1 day 18 hours ago
@markromanek RT @Theremina: This is terrifying. This is all so terrifying. Here, @DanRather puts a very fine and gleaming point on it: https://t.co/YIaX1 day 20 hours ago
@diddy You ever have a nutcracker from Harlem? That's what my tastebuds is built out of!! Pre order ->… https://t.co/FBTxpZvTav 1 day 19 hours ago
@JosephKahn Hollywood takes seriously all the things I do not. I take seriously all the things Hollywood doesn't. 1 day 2 hours ago
@dannylockwood RT @MTV2: ⛵️ @lilyachty throws 2 verses on @katyperry's #ChainedToTheRhythm remix and it might be your new favorite song: https://t.co/Evf518 hours 59 min ago
@dougstern It is clear that Trumpy and his dim minions were talking to (if not working) with Russian intel/hackers. Super obvious. 1/x 1 day 11 hours ago
@JosephKahn RT @MaxineWaters: Get ready for impeachment. 1 day 1 hour ago
@markromanek RT @davidfrum: Trump margin in PA in 2016: 44,000. Pennsylvanians who’d lose Medicaid if ACA repealed: 670,000. 1 day 10 hours ago
@davidguetta You can now pre-save my new single #LightMyBodyUp with @NICKIMINAJ and @LilTunechi to your @Spotify collection https://t.co/CvsapRq6Js 23 hours 19 min ago
@dougstern But, to my ears, calling it ‘hacking’ has always been the wrong term. Hacking sounds like they used computers to give give Trump extra votes 1 day 11 hours ago
@davidguetta RT @NRJhitmusiconly: Quand @DavidGuetta lance son nouveau hit, c'est sur #NRJ ➡️ Jeudi, 1ère diffusion à 18h Interview exclusive chez @gu1 day 13 hours ago
@markromanek RT @Sethrogen: Hey @seanhannity, I don't agree with you often but you're spot on with this one! https://t.co/YhUbBrRoIj 1 day 8 hours ago
@questlove RT @BordeauxBlues: @questlove @blackthought hey, Lars Ulrich is wearing a The Roots shirt in this Amoeba What’s In My Bag video. » https://… 21 hours 39 min ago

WATCH IT: Jack White "Sixteen Saltines" (AG Rojas, dir.)

Civilization has ended and the only surviving non-teenager is, unsurprisingly, Jack White. He's at the mercy of rampaging juvenile gangs that look like a mix of Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road,' The Decline of Western Civilization and America's Best Dance Crew. Director AG Rojas makes the Adolescent Apocalypse look like bad/good fun with severed fingers, airborne krumpers, ceiling sandwiches and what seems to be BMX-riding versions of the White Walkers from Game of Thrones. The docu style of Rojas' visuals give the fantastical elements of the world he's created an extra immediacy. It's the end of the world as I know it and I feel fine! --> watch "Sixteen Saltines"

"Sixteen Saltines" (Third Man/Columbia)

AG Rojas, director | Jonathan Dawes, producer | Caviar Content, production co | LARK CREATIVE, rep | Michael Ragen, DP | Gary Knight @ Cut and Run LA, AG Rojas @ Caviar, editors | Bart Mangrum, production designer | Jasper Thomlinson, Michael Sagol, exec. producers | Saul Levitz, commissioner

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