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WATCH IT: Red Hot Chili Peppers "Look Around" (Robert Hales, dir.)

The notion of four distinct personalities for a rock quartet goes all the way back to The Beatles — although special props to Led Zeppelin who created special symbols for each band member, a move later one-upped by having individual narrative arcs (including one for their manager and road manager) inserted into their Song Remains The Same concert flick — but director Robert Hales uses a modern trick to let each Red Hot Chili Pepper have a room of ones own. A special quad-camera set in the center of four open-faced rooms filmed the band members concurrently, with the sometimes overlapping footage then stiched together and given a rotational effect. Each room is unique to each personality with lots of personal touches, including family members, friends and decorations. --> watch "Look Around" plus a making-of that shows off the quadcam apparatus

LARK CREATIVEHello Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Look Around" (Warner Bros.)

Robert Hales, director | Paul Laurens, producer | HELLO!, production co | LARK CREATIVE, rep  | Allejandro LaLinde, DP | Doobie White @ Therapy, editor | Marcus Lutyens, production designer | Kerri Kleiner, exec. producer | Devin Sarno, commissioner  

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