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WATCH IT: Scissor Sisters "Only The Horses" (Lorenzo Fonda, dir.)

Wild Horses pull away some explosive paint plugs in this surreal Scissor Sisters which mixes slo-mo equine grandeur with a paint dousing section that, depending on your age/sensibility, will remind you of a) Blue Man Group, b) Getting slimed, or c) Carrie. Also worth noting: Seems like no horses were injured in the making of this video, although the very worthwhile behind the scenes shows that a paint rig was not so lucky.--> watch "Only The Horses"

Doomsday Ent Scissor Sisters "Only The Horses" (Casablanca)
Lorenzo Fonda, director | Ross Levine, producer | Doomsday Ent, production co | Dilly Gent, commissioner 

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