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Austin Mahone "What About Love" (Colin Tilley, dir.)

Never heard of Austin Mahone? Justin Bieber probably has. Mahone is shaping up as the heir apparent to the teen pop throne, getting over 1.7 million on this video within 24 hours, plus an exclusive MTV "#askaustin" premiere special. Kid's busting out.

Director Colin Tilley rightfully has Mahone doing the same thing in the video. The seedy motel room dance location can barely contain him and his troupe — the same can be said for the low-ceilinged parking garage we see later. The chromas flare, as if they're too powerful for the screen, the edit sparks back and forth and the camera angles are purposefully askew. And when things might get a a bit too edgy — they cut back to Mahone and his doe eyes, or the (very) loose romantic storyline.

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