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@Videostatic imagine dragons "Whatever It Takes" (Matt Eastin, Aaron Hymes, dir.) https://t.co/n3HZr6HQKs #video #musicvideo 1 day 18 min ago
@Videostatic 21 Savage "Nothin New" (iNightLyfe, dir.) https://t.co/7BVrpRFM0a #video #musicvideo 22 hours 16 min ago

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21 Savage "Nothin New" (iNightLyfe, dir.)

News clippings from Colin Kaepernick, Lebron James and President Obama segue into a more personal tale about the race in America, which ends with a rainy day at a...

Porches "Country" (Nicholas Harwood, Aaron Maine, dir.)

imagine dragons "Whatever It Takes" (Matt Eastin, Aaron Hymes, dir.)

A performance video in a rapidly flooding room that eventually goes fully underwater, and then onward to a fiery conclusion.

John Legend "Penthouse Floor" (Dominique Deleon, dir.)

Can John "Legend" Stephens maintain his Employee of the Month status at the posh hotel where he works, despite reminder after reminder about the dire polictical and...

Mystery Skulls "Erase Me" (Matt Mahurin, dir.)

A work that is by turns ominous and blissful.

Bree Runway "What Do I Tell My Friends?" (Fred Rowson, dir.)

Crystal Fighters "Yellow Sun" (Rob Brandon, dir.)

Just laying in bed and strumming a song... except the bed is is on a flatbed truck crusing down the highway.

Nick Hakim "Cuffed" (Daniel Kaufman, dir.)

A purification ritual in the woods that's equal parts disturbing and beautiful, yet very effective.

Lauv "Easy Love" (Spencer Graves, dir.)

BTS vibes as Lauv makes his way through a large music video set that's got a hall of mirrors vibe where they play with the idea that nothing is as it seems.

Aminé "Spice Girl" (Aminé, dir.)

If you're gonna rap about a Spice Girl, you might as well get one (Hello, Mel B) to be in the video. But, that's the least of the surprises to recommend this dose of...