@jus10p @Aurora_Hernandz I seriously just typed it in. Not sure if it took it though. 1 day 19 hours ago
@14Spaces4aName @Videostatic Slit-scan animation. For the win. May be the best use of that since David Byrne's "She's Mad" clip. 1 day 9 hours ago
@JosephKahn Life Tip: don't be that person no one wants to direct a video for because your fans are too racist ® 17 hours 29 min ago
@jus10p @THR but this time was it in the Millennium Falcon? 3 hours 16 min ago
@Videostatic Flume f/ Andrew Wyatt "Some Minds" (Clemens Habicht, dir.) http://t.co/AWvjnFv7Rx 1 day 20 hours ago
@jus10p RT @ABC7: Colorado teen takes out Craigslist ad to 'rent' a family for her birthday http://t.co/S465GO07KF http://t.co/gevgieZ4YB 3 hours 17 min ago
@ShunWardMusic WATCH IT: Shun Ward "I Got Proof" (Terry B Wear, dir.) http://t.co/oBeKhVLlNm via @VideoStatic 1 day 17 hours ago
@questlove Here Is The Schedule And Stage Areas For #RootsPicnic2015 https://t.co/0KUKjE4bDM 4 hours 57 min ago
@flo_tweet How Big How Blue How Beautiful Monday (UK) | Tuesday (US) iTunes http://t.co/DrMnGJSBly Store http://t.co/Cc6AfLEM2o https://t.co/ddFPQx17Va 1 day 19 hours ago
@jus10p Let's go eat at Friendly's. 18 hours 10 min ago

SHOT: T-Pain f/ Akon - Erik White, director

Shooting today, Monday May 7, in Atlanta...

artist: T-Pain feat. Akon
song: "Bartender"
label: Jive/ZLG
director(s): Erik White
production co: Uncle

Tags: Uncle, Zomba

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