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WATCH IT: Mumford & Sons "I Will Wait" (Fred & Nick, dir.)

Red Rocks is awesome. A breathtaking, one of a kind concert venue, surely the only one that has a "Geology" section on their website. It's a no-brainer location for a live video, but only if you deliver the goods. Luckily, Mumford & Sons are playing to absolutely packed house and directors Fred & Nick capture the venue with clarity and a larger than life scope.

I doubt the goal here is to top U2's "Live At Red Rocks" — an impossible task, since that concert shoot elevated both the band and the venue to unforeseen heights—  but rather a way to show a real band in an truly organic venue with a packed audience. That said, the U2 + Mumford connection is one that's not being made by accident.  --> watch "I Will Wait"

Mumford & Sons "I Will Wait" (Glassnote)
Fred & Nick, director | Pulse, production co 

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