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Director Storm/Hansen on The Raveonettes "Curse The Night"

Maybe the kids in your town harbor fantasies about holding up the Ice Cream Man. This noirish video from direting team Tue Walin Storm and Michael Hansen has a far bigger plot in mind..

Storm/Hansen, directors:

"We felt from the beginning that the dreamlike sound on 'Curse The Night' screamed for a video in black & white. It was the monotone drumbeat and the beautiful, almost childlike vocal that sparked the core idea for the video. We knew we wanted two kids dressed in revolutionary uniforms playing drums walking around an empty city collecting a posse of youngsters. There’s an elegant musical transition towards the end of the track that breaks with the rest and it was obvious the story needed a twist to happen here. 

The kids in the video add a mysterious innocence, but just as you think you’ve figured it out, the story flips it on its head and the kids are anything but innocent... Basically, if you mix the story of The Pied Piper with The Town you get the plot.

'Curse The Night'  has a certain melancholy and feeling of solitude that we thought an empty Copenhagen could capture. It’s been several years since we lived there and you start seeing the city with different eyes when you’re a tourist in your home country. We wanted to show Copenhagen in a different light and adding that it’s where The Raveonettes are from, only confirmed it was the right place to shoot.

The video is filmed over three nights and there was an obvious challenge working with seven children between eight and twelve years old until 5am. But they were all badasses and not only were they able to stay awake all night, but also capture the characters exactly as we had envisioned."

--> watch "Curse The Night"

The Raveonettes "Curse The Night"
Storm/Hansen, director | Kasper Graversen, producer | Minerva Film, production co | Michael Hansen, DP | Julian Roland Andersen, editor  | Tina Kloch, exec. producer

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