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FORWARD is a new song performed by Ne-Yo and Goo Goo Dolls frontman Johnny Rzeznik, with Herbie Hancock, Delta Rae and Natasha Bedingfield. FORWARD is also the Obama campaign slogan and this video is certianly in the same mode as "Yes, We Can," incorporating the President's voice and image, and co-written by Fred Goldring, who executive produced that award-winning video.

Fred Goldring, exec. producer:  "Frankly, trying to produce another song and video was not something I had ever seriously considered since last time we had created something unique and historical. And whatever we tried now would inevitably be compared to "Yes We Can" and the enormous impact it had had.

But I was getting really nervous about this election, sensing a palpable and growing discouragement and worrisome apathy among even previously strong supporters of the president. People were becoming disillusioned from the constant barrage of negativity and mudslinging, and the incredible enthusiasm of 2008 was dormant and diffused. The bar had been set so unrealistically and impossibly high, that there was an unfair focus on what hadn't been achieved by the president in his first term, rather than the significant gains that had been made in the face of unyielding obstinance from the right. It was also evident that the campaign slogan "Forward" was everywhere you turned, but I did not feel it was connecting with people on any visceral level." — read more via HuffingtonPost

The video itself also involved contributions from many directors and producers, capturing footage of people coming together and moving FORWARD. See the credits below for all the names.

The song is free, although you can also buy at iTunes with proceeds going to Ne-Yo's Compound Foundation and to Arts Education programs focused on turning around arts and music based programs in public schools.

--> watch "Forward"

Ne-Yo, Johnny Rzeznik, Herbie Hancock, Delta Rae, Natasha Bedingfield
Fred Goldring, Gregg Alexander, Graham Henman, Kerri Kleiner, exec. producers | John Malina, Chris Spanos, Alexandra Chamberlain, producers | Graham Henman, Michael Karbelnikoff, Paul Schneider, PR Brown, Simon Thirlaway, Martin De Thurah, Daniel Hall, directors/cameramen | Jeremy Rall, Nick Spanos, Evan  Urman, Robert Staley, Marcus Herring, Cheryl Dunn, Paul Beauchemin, Colin Davis, cameramen | Paul Schneider, Jeremy Rall, Evan Urman, Graham Henman, editors 

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