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Tony Harnell & The Wildflowers f/ Bumblefoot "Burning Daylight" (Charles Whitcher, dir.)

Former TNT singer Tony Harnell collaborates with GNR guitarist Bumblefoot on "Burning Daylight," a rolling acoustic vamp that's in the stylistic vicinity of STP's acoustic version of "Dancing Days." Director Charles Whitcher handles the visuals, devising a storyline of romantic entanglements, burning desires, and the dangers of giving yourself too much rope.

WATCH IT: Rey Pila "No Longer Fun"

What's the point of going on if it's no longer fun? Such is the case in sad/sick/twisted, yet also strange and beautiful video for Mexican alterna-artist Rey Pila, which has the vibe of a more gonzo Harold & Maude. The theme seems to be that death is even more boring than life, with suicide victims repeating their acts in hopes of yet another change to their plane of existence. NOTE: Not recommended viewing for anybody squeamish about explicit suicide scenes. --> watch "No Longer Fun"

WATCH IT: Wolfmother "Far Away" (Hydra, dir.)

The Humble creative team humbly breaks down the action of their recent video for Wolfmother "Far Away,"  shot on-location in Sydney, Australia and directed by their collective Hydra.

"One mirror-plated piano, five wild feral children, and an estimated seven million lens flares later, a kick ass rock video was born.

Shot on super 16 mm film using the Arri SRIII to get that 70's warm, retro, faded, grainy feel that we all love.

We took the rocky surf turf blue waters of Maroubra along with the dense green woodlands of Centennial Park and turned them into mirror utopias. Of course it wouldn't have been complete without a 10 ft. rotating mirror-plated pyramid for good measure.

WATCH IT: Muse "Uprising"

Get the feeling that the authorities treat humankind like nothing more than mere toys? Or, more specifically maybe you think there are giant teddy bears watching over us like evil, controlling and not at all cuddly teddy bears? That's basically the crux of this new video for Muse, directed by the three-headed creative team, Hydra.