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NEWS: Streetgang EP Jason Botkin Joins Furlined

Jason Botkin has announced the closing of his production company, Streetgang Films to join Furlined in an executive producer role. Streetgang was founded in 2003. An official sign-off from the company and updated contact info can be found at streetgangfilms.com...The Furlined directorial roster boasts:

  • Andreas Nilsson
  • Adam Hashemi
  • Nez (USA only)
  • Terri Timely (USA only)
  • Dougal Wilson (USA only)

Labuda Management is repping for the U.S.; Alexa Haywood @ Free Agent for the U.K.

Visit Furlined for director reels and more.

WATCH IT: Miike Snow "The Rabbit" (Andreas Nilsson, dir.)

If you've always thought that 2 Live Crew had certain magical qualities, wait until you see what happens at thie climax of this strange video for Miike Snow. Director Andreas Nilsson and crew shoot on-location in Jamaica, depicting a tale of a young bearded boy, his daggering harem and a shared desire to explain why they're As Nasty As They Wanna Be. --> watch "The Rabbit"