@questlove @ObvslyOffbeat that was the English language I used tho.... 12 hours 39 min ago
@JosephKahn When you ship a combined name now, it could mean two people are in love, or one person is transitioning. 1 day 8 hours ago
@iamdiddy Did you see @faithevans perform Soon As I Get Home at the #BadBoyFamilyReuionTour?? Watch this https://t.co/F6Wj3fNzIa 1 day 16 min ago
@JosephKahn Asian people can't tell if another Asian is properly Chinese, Japanese, or Korean then get racist toward that Asian anyway just to be safe. 1 day 21 hours ago
@iamdiddy Watch my video #FACTS off the sonic motion picture #MMM #BadBoyFamily https://t.co/hC6xWB2jqP 1 day 1 hour ago
@jus10p @CNN is that going to be enough? How does anyone even live on that anymore? 2 hours 11 min ago
@markromanek My recollection of #keiraknightley's "entourage" was that her mum visited the set one day for an hour or two. 1 day 5 hours ago
@jus10p Please don't start your posts off with "Here we go!" No one cares where you are going with it. 1 day 12 hours ago
@JosephKahn Everyone at Marvel now seems to love the What If comics more than the actual comics. 10 hours 16 min ago
@johntashiro WATCH IT: Brittany Campbell "For You" (John Tashiro, dir.) https://t.co/lG5bpwXjuT via @VideoStatic 13 hours 23 min ago
@questlove Can you watch first before rendering a verdict @capitalauctionr? 12 hours 39 min ago
@kalenartinian WATCH IT: Crown Lands "Mantra" (Kalen Artinian, dir.) https://t.co/sPPkVC2uQy via @VideoStatic 2 hours 57 min ago
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The Weeknd "Belong To The World" (Anthony Mandler, dir.)

Director Anthony Mandler delivers a surreal meditation on loss and love for Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd. Shot in Japan, where Mandler is presumably prepping for feature Tokyo Vice, Tesfaye finds himself trapped in a world that feels like a combination of Blade Runner, the classic Apple 1984 ad, and a darker Haruki Murakami tale.

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