Director Michele Civetta on Lou Reed and their "Ecstasy" Video

Lou Reed "Ecstasy" Directed by MIchele Civetta

If you've gone searching for Lou Reed music videos in the wake of his passing, you've surely discovered there aren't many. There are lots of nontraditional clips — stuff from Andy Warhol's film of The Velvet Underground playing live in Boston, Julian Schnabel's concert film for Reed's 2006 resurrection of Berlin — and some late period music videos, including his Metallica collaboration "The View," directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Director Michele Civetta's clip for "Ecstasy," is certainly not your typical music video, but a nice match for the song and a look at some streets not usually associated with Lou Reed.

Michele Civetta, director: "In my life Lou Reed has been the seminal avant garde punk rock pioneer of the streets. Documenting and Infusing a halcyonic beauty to the malaise and underbelly of the less glamourous side of the streets we walk. A  20th century Baudelaire with wings. I was grateful to make this video for Lou after we meet in '99. I was only 22 when I went to central America to shoot this video,inspired by the spirit of a verite portrait of street life out of the work championed by Helen Levitt and Walker Evans. It was a dream come true to be collaborating with one of my idols and till this day I consider the experience to be a true dialogue between creatives.  I thank Lou for being a champion of the spirit of youth and exploration where his spirit will continue to live on and inspire!"