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NEW RELEASE: Every Time I Die "We're Wolf"

FurlooseBeasty Party It's hard to critique something like Teen Wolf for inaccuracies. a) It's about a teenage Werewolf. b) Special wolf powers be damned; No movie should portray an actor shy of the 5'6" mark as a basketball phenom. But another aspect of Teen Wolf always bugged me: The lack of maulings. Director Bill Fishman gets it right in this music video send-up of various '80s films for campy metal act Every Time I Die. TW forms the basis of the main performance, in which the band members get all wolfie and limbs indeed get hacked off. Most of the other parodies come via faux film posters for the likes of "An American We're Wolf In Buffalo," "Furloose" and "Beastly Party." --> watch "We're Wolf"

Every Time I Die "We're Wolf" (Ferrett)
Bill Fishman, director | Jed James, producer | Fallout, production co | Brown Cooper, DP | Jesus Rivera, editor

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