WATCH IT: Morningwood "Sugarbaby"

Sugarbaby Morningwood frontwoman Chantal Claret is faced with any easy choice. She can stay in a debaucherous, yet sexually unfulfilling relationship with her broke, philandering hipster boyfriend in his hovel on the Lower East Side of NYC, or she can jump in the limo with a rich lover who's ready to shower her with gifts, affection and "sugar." The notion that both options are tugging at her heartstrings possibly led to the decision to have Claret portrayed by a puppet created by Jim Henson/Avenue Q/Crank Yankers vet James Wotjal. --> watch "Sugarbaby"

Morningwood "Sugarbaby" (Capitol)
Adam Neustadter, director | Matt Achterberg, producer | Ghost Robot, production co | Heidi Gregory, rep | Eric Robbins , DP | Josh Cramer @ House Of Trim, editor | James Wojtal, puppetmaster