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WATCH IT: OneRepublic "Feel Again" (Tim Nackashi, dir.)

Follow the glowing, bouncing balls in this latest OneRepublic video. Filmed amongst some Redwoods outside Oakland, director Tim Nackashi and his team use programmable LED orbs to create an electrical parade. --> watch "Feel Again"

LARK CREATIVE OneRepublic "Feel Again" (Mosley/Interscope)
Tim Nackashi, director | Fuliane Petikyan, producer | Black Dog, production co | Chris Clavadetscher @ Black Dog, Jamie Rabineau @ LARK CREATIVE, reps | Morgan Susser, DP | Logan Hefflefinger, editor | Sean Coleman @ Company 3, colorist | Coleen Haynes, exec. producer | Kathy Angstadt, commissioner

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