@JosephKahn Almost all cab drivers in NYC are Pakistani/Middle Eastern. Aren't cabs avoiding African Americans examples of Paki… https://t.co/XruwrpMmzs 1 day 6 hours ago
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Camerimage 2018 Music Videos Competition Line-Up Announced

Internationally recognized cinematography festival Camerimage has announced the music videos for their 2018 competition.

The nominated videos will be presented at a special screening for the Jury and the festival audience on Thursday, 15th November in Bydgoszcz, Poland, with winners announced during the Festival's Closing Ceremony on Saturday 17th November.

The nominees are:


  • cinematographer: John Lynch 
  • director: Isaiah Seret
  • label: Infectious Music 
  • production company: Biscuit

Childish Gambino "THIS IS AMERICA"

  • cinematographer: Larkin Seiple 
  • director: Hiro Murai
  • label: Sony Music Entertainment 
  • production company: Doomsday Entertainment


  • cinematographer: Arnau Valls Colomer 
  • directors: Vania Heymann, Gal Muggia 
  • label: Universal Music 
  • production company: Iconoclast


  • cinematographer: Kacper Fertacz
  • director: Zuzanna Plisz 
  • label: Thin Man Records 
  • production company: Haka Films

Florence + The Machine "HUNGER"

  • cinematographer: Evan Prosofsky 
  • director: AG Rojas 
  • label: Virgin EMI 
  • production company: Park Pictures

Imagine Dragons "NEXT TO ME"

  • cinematographer: Matthew Sakatani Roe
  • director: Mark Pellington 
  • label: Interscope 
  • production company: Prime Zero

Indochine "STATION 13"

  • cinematographer: Kaname Onoyama
  • director: Bouha Kazmi 
  • label: Sony Music Entertainment
  • production company: London Alley


  • cinematographer: Kristof Brandl 
  • director: Jodeb 
  • label: Columbia Records
  • production company: Prettybird

Justin Timberlake "SAY SOMETHING" ft. Chris Stapleton

  • cinematographer: Bill Kirstein 
  • director: Arturo Perez Jr. 
  • label: RCA Records 
  • production company: La Blogothèque

Leon Bridges "BAD BAD NEWS"

  • cinematographer: Steve Annis 
  • director: Natalie Rae 
  • label: Columbia Records 
  • production company: Sanctuary Content

Lykke Li "HARD RAIN"

  • cinematographer: Mathieu Plainfossé
  • director: Anton Tammi
  • label: RCA Records 
  • production company: Iconoclast

Moses Sumney "QUARREL"

  • cinematographer: Sy Turnbull 
  • directors: Allie Avital, Moses Sumney 
  • label: Secretly Canadian / Jagjaguwar 
  • production company: Partizan


  • cinematographer: Nihal Friedel 
  • directors: Jorik Dozy, Sil Van Der Woerd
  • label: AllPoints 
  • production company: New Frontier Pictures

Novo Amor & Ed Tullett "TERRAFORM"

  • cinematographer: Nicolas Chin 
  • directors: Jorik Dozy, Sil Van Der Woerd 
  • label: AllPoints 
  • production company: New Frontier Pictures

Sevdaliza "SHAHMARAN"

  • cinematographer: Paul Özgür 
  • director: Emmanuel Adjei 
  • label: Twisted Elegance 
  • production company: Compulsory, Handsome, Halal Pictures


  • cinematographer: Steve Yedlin 
  • director: Nathan Johnson 
  • label: City Slang 
  • production company: The Made Shop

Tagua Tagua "RASTRO DE PÓ"

  • cinematographer: Adolpho Veloso
  • director: Douglas Bernardt 
  • production company: Stink Films

The Carters "APES**T"

  • cinematographer: Benoît Debie 
  • director: Ricky Saiz 
  • label: Parkwood Entertainment
  • production company: Iconoclast

Visit this special camerimage page for video links, and camerimage.pl/en/ for more information.

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