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Disturbed "Are You Ready?" (Robert Schober, dir.)

Local H "Innocents" (Felix Piñeiro, dir.)

Actor Michael Shannon is just another working stiff looking to find some transcendence at the rock show.

Circles Around The Sun "One For Chuck" (Steven Mertens, dir.)

Instrumental groove band Circles Around The Sun prove that Chuck D and psychedelia can go together just fine.

Stefflon Don "Lil Bitch" (silent tapes, dir.)

The menace is very real, yet stylized, in this commanding video for Stefflon Don.

Greta Van Fleet "When The Curtain Falls" (Benjamin Kutsko, dir.)

Maggie Rogers "Give A Little" (Maggie Rogers, Alan Del Rio Ortiz, dir.)

A summertime skateboard hang.

Watsky "Welcome to the Family" (Andrew Winghart, dir.)

Watsky welcomes us back into his creative world, this time from a set that looks like a collection of curio boxes to entrap humans.

Cat Power "Woman" (Greg Hunt, dir.)

St. Lucia "Walking Away" (Henry Kaplan, dir.)

A performance film illuminated by a virtual color wheel of lights.

Nicki Minaj "Ganja Burns" (Mert Alas, Marcus Piggott, dir.)

The Queen album cover likeness of Nicki Minaj gets an Egyptian-themed backstory in this fiery clip.