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Grimes "Shinigami Eyes" (BRTHR, dir.)

Charlie Puth "Light Switch" (Christian Breslauer, dir.)

A comedic video about realizing it's time to shake off those quarantine blues and get back in fighting shape to, hopefully, win back your girl.

Shenseea, Megan Thee Stallion "Lick" (James Larese, dir.)

Prepare for a sugar rush, and then some, in this over-the-top and occasionally risque collab between Shenseea and Megan Thee Stallion.

Sabrina Claudio "Put On Repeat" (WATTS, dir.)

A distinctive and sensuous dance video that takes place on a unique set.

Chris Brown "Iffy" (Joseph Kahn, dir.)

Nothing iffy about this cinematic clip from director Joseph Kahn for Chris Brown, which features lots of action and some next-level choreography and vfx.

Falling In Reverse "ZOMBIFIED" (Jensen Noen, dir.)

An action-packed clip that lives up to the song title.

Sofia Carson "Loud" (Uri Schutzer, dir.)

A performance in a sleek pad up amidst the clouds.

Oliver Tree "Cowboys Don't Cry" (Oliver Tree, dir.)

Don't worry: Oliver Tree is as surreal as always as he goes a little bit country for this one.

Muse "WON'T STAND DOWN" (Jared Hogan, dir.)

Futuristic dystopian vibes in this chilling video for Muse.

Shawn Mendes "It'll Be OK" (Jay Martin, dir.)

"It'll Be OK" finds Shawn Mendes in a ruminative mode as he makes his way through a snowy city.