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ROSALÍA & Travis Scott "TKN" (Nicolás Méndez, Canada, dir.)

The kids wanna shake it up as they prowl the streets with ROSALÍA right in the middle of the action.

Oliver Tree "Bury Me Alive" [(Official Unofficial Music Video] (Oliver Tree, dir.)

Gotta give it to Oliver Tree. The man has balls. (Also, do NSFW rules still apply if everyone is working from home? If yes, then let's consider this NSFW).

Lewis Del Mar "The Ceiling" (rubberband., dir.)

Projections, time lapse photography and other effects make this "apartment video" come to life.

Lil Yachty "Split/Whole Time"

Sea Girls "Do You Really Wanna Know?" (Francesca de Bassa, dir.)

A multimedia romp of odd combinations.

Disclosure "Energy" (Kid. Studio — Glenn Michael & Christo Anesti, dir.)

Just another morning in preparation for a most unusual work day.

Tove Lo "sadder badder cooler" (Venturia Animation Studios, dir.)

An occasionally gruesome (yet cute) animated tale in which Tove Lo replaces sadness with badness.

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande "Rain On Me" (Robert Rodriguez, dir.)

Even when it's raining daggers in a futuristic dystopia — created with notable film director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Machete) — the diva duo of Lady...

DJ Pone "1978" (Tibz & Ferratche, dir.)

The city comes literally alive in this one.

Arizona Zervas "24" [lyric video] (Najeeb Tarazi, dir.)