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Q "Take Me Where Your Heart Is" (Grant Spanier, dir.)

A bowling alley romance.

JVKE "Upside Down (reaction video)" (Chris Grieder, dir.)

Justin Bieber & benny blanco "Lonely" (Jake Schreier, dir.)

Actor Jacob Tremblay stars as an earlier version of Justin Bieber in a set piece that captures the loneliness and pressure of being a young pop star. 

Leon Bridges, Lucky Daye "All About You" (Lamar+Nik, dir.)

Paper cut-outs in a hypnotic collage.

Dreamer Boy "Crybaby" (Michael Rees, dir.)

Jarryd James "Miracles" (Mick Soiza, dir.)

Django Django "Spirals (MGMT Remix)" (Gemma Yin, dir.)

Claud "Gold" (Christina Xing, dir.)

Demi Lovato "Commander In Chief" (Director X, dir.)

A diverse range of people lip-sync this anthemic/political track as a lead-in to Demi Lovato taking center stage.

Novo Amor "I Feel Better" (Lisette Donkersloot, dir.)

When love affairs get bloody messy (or bloody and messy).