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Best Music Videos of May 2019

Best Music Videos of the Month: May 2019...Lil Nas X f/ Billy Ray Cyrus "Old Town Road" (CALMATIC, dir.)The Black Keys "Go" (Bryan Schlam, dir.)Ed Sheeran...

The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexha "Call You Mine" (Dano Cerny, dir.)

A deadly tale told in reverse.

Katy Perry "Never Really Over" (Philippa Price, dir.)

Katy Perry hits a post-modern retreat to get over heartbreak in this colorful comeback clip.

Bastille "Joy" (Brain Wash, dir.)

Revealing the truth and the things we do when we think nobody is looking.

ROSALÍA "Aute Cuture" (Bradley & Pablo, dir.)

Long nails like the sharp edges of a heavy metal band logo and a stylistic showpiece for Rosalia with classic film vibes. 

Herve Pagez & Diplo f/ Charli XCX "Spicy" (Reed + Rader, dir.)

Spicy and spacy, and further proof that dolphins may be the smartest creature on Earth.

Don Toliver "No Idea" (Grant Singer, dir.)

A stumbling, scary traipse through the night.

Maggie Lindemann "Friends Go" (Van Alpert, dir.)

An anatomy of heartbreak by way of a car crash in a tale entitled "Death By Third Wheel."

Bruce Springsteen "Tucson Train" (Thom Zimny, dir.)

Rammstein "Ausländer [NSFW]" (Jörn Heitmann, dir.)

Rammstein seems to be poking fun at the colonial/conversion mindset of the missionary movement, but that satiric tone may not absolve the NSFW nudity and some other...