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Cavetown "Telescope" (Moon, dir.)

Boy in his bubble.

Charlie Puth "Cheating on You" (Tyler Yee, dir.)

An NYC walkabout.

XXXTENTACION "Royalty" (Damian Fyffe, dir.)

Lukas James "Easy" (Chris Jackson, dir.)

Hailee Steinfeld "Afterlife" (Hannah Lux Davis, dir.)

Victorian vibes in this tie-in to Hailee Steinfeld's new Apple+ series Dickinson.

Diplo Presents: Thomas Wesley w/ Jonas Brothers "Lonely" (Brandon Dermer, dir.)

Diplo tries to make piece (and sweet music) with Jonas Brothers after some wedding drama.

Sunglasses For Jaws "Thistles Of Friendship" (David Gourlay, dir.)

A Short By David Gorulay, Thistles Of Friendship, documenting and testing musical duo ‘Sunglasses For Jaws’ relationship and often petulant dynamic. Filmed By...

YUNGBLUD "hope for the underrated youth" (Andrew Sandler, dir.)

Panic on the streets for Yungblud and other youth under attack.

Lukas Graham "Lie" (Gus Black, dir.)

A look back at an early romantic relationship.

Oh Sees "Gholü" (Leo Nicholson, dir.)

A stop-motion video for those who like things very sick, twisted and bloody. Viewer discretion advised!