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Justin Bieber "Yummy" (Bardia Zeinali, dir.)

An unlikely gala with a delightful mish-mosh or foods and people for this fun return by pop star Justin Bieber.

Drake "war" (Theo Skudra, dir.)

LoveLeo "BOYFREN" (Leo Reilly, Motoki Maxted, dir.)

Breaking out of your shell, getting into eggs, and other bits of Internet weirdness.

Lil Uzi Vert "Futsal Shuffle 2020" (Jay Weneta, dir.)

Ozzy Osbourne "Straight to Hell" (Marc Klasfeld, dir.)

Ozzy remains as cool as ever even as the world goes to hell with wild rioting in the street.

Baby Keem "MOSHPIT" (Jack Begert, dir.)

One Mazel Tov of a moshpit in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

2010 - 2020: A Decade of Music Videos

100 music videos that defined the decade. Spanning from commercial smashes to small art pieces to to pure pop and to insanely confrontational. Looking back, there's some...

Best Music Videos of 2019

My favorite video of the year isn't really a video, at least in the current sense of the format: It's for multiple songs and only available on Netflix: Thom Yorke...

Best Music Videos of December 2019

 Best Music Videos of December 2019Harry Styles "Adore You" (Dave Meyers, dir.)Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You" (Joseph Kahn, dir.)...

Jack Savoretti "Christmas Morning" (Karni & Saul, dir.)

Merry Christmas