@Videostatic Oliver Tree "Hurt" (Oliver Tree, Brendan Vaughan, dir.) https://t.co/dG8KAvizo0 1 day 4 hours ago
@Videostatic Chromeo f/ French Montana & Stefflon Don "Don't Sleep" (Allie Avital, dir.) https://t.co/8S5CAXPykx 1 day 5 hours ago

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Alle Farben & Ilira "Fading" (Zak Stoltz, dir.)

A slightly askew pop video that goes seriously and comedically awry thanks to a scene-stealing interloper.

ash.ØK "We'll Waste Away" (Purnima Puri, dir.)

Badflower "x ANA x" (Jordan Wolfbauer, dir.)

Phony PPL "Way Too Far" (Joe Weil, dir.)

Take a trip up a building that's filled with lots of creative surprises... 

Foster The People "Worst Nites" (Mark Foster, Josh Hutcherson, dir.)

What if the "clown" make-up you apply is that of a regular working stiff and your true self is a bit more Bozo?

Steve Aoki f/ BTS "Waste It On Me" (Joe Hahn, dir.)

South Korean boy band and international sensations BTS may be going English in this collaboration with electronic music titan Steve Aoki, but the video is proudly Asian...

Jay Rock "For What It's Worth" (Matilda Finn, dir.)

There's a brief tease of escape and  wish-fulfillment in the limo — isn't there always? — but otherwise we remain on the street where things are...

Deadmau5 f/ Lights "Drama Free" (Nick DenBoer, dir.)

Absurdity abounds when the trippy tentacles from Planet Deadmau5 reach Earth.

Glowie "Body" (Wendy Morgan, dir.)

A celebration of the body, in all sizes and all types.

Garretson & Gorodetsky "Insambia" (Alex Italics, dir.)

A dreamworld trapped between the opposing ends of an inability to sleep and a fear of the dark. Soundtracked by the eclectic duo Garretson & Gorodetsky.