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Duck Sauce "Mesmerize" (Keith Schofield, dir.)

Essentially an animatic as a music video, but with lots of elements, ranging from stock footage to simple animations and even some mid-video Google searches and production...

G-Eazy f/ blackbear "Hate The Way" (Kat Webber, dir.)

G-Eazy tries to save his girlfriend (played by Bria Vinaite) from herself.

Q "Take Me Where Your Heart Is" (Grant Spanier, dir.)

A bowling alley romance.

JVKE "Upside Down (reaction video)" (Chris Grieder, dir.)

Justin Bieber & benny blanco "Lonely" (Jake Schreier, dir.)

Actor Jacob Tremblay stars as an earlier version of Justin Bieber in a set piece that captures the loneliness and pressure of being a young pop star. 

Leon Bridges, Lucky Daye "All About You" (Lamar+Nik, dir.)

Paper cut-outs in a hypnotic collage.

Dreamer Boy "Crybaby" (Michael Rees, dir.)

Jarryd James "Miracles" (Mick Soiza, dir.)

Django Django "Spirals (MGMT Remix)" (Gemma Yin, dir.)

Claud "Gold" (Christina Xing, dir.)