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Sofia Carson "Hold On To Me" (Joseph Toman, dir.)

A sharp b/w escape at the beach.

Katy Perry "Not The End Of The World" (Similar But Different, dir.)

It's not the end of the world for Katy Perry, especially since the aliens can't tell the difference between her and Zooey Deschanel.

Alexander 23 & Jeremy Zucker "Nothing's The Same" (Jason Lester, dir.)

Topsy-turvy angles on Alexander 23 and Jeremy Zucker as they hang at home.

Johnnie Newman "8 Billion Souls" (Mark Pellington & Case Avron, dir.)

A mostly abstract piece with a specific focus on a diverse array of faces.

Paul McCartney "Find My Way" (Roman Coppola, dir.)

Paul McCartney is the king of DIY music, taking care of all the instruments and filmed via 40+ cameras displayed in a split screen.​

Taylor Bennett f/ Mr. Hudson "Don't Wait Up" (Lamar+Nik, dir.)

A clever remote video where performance on an iPhone feels full size and fully integrated into a world thanks to some movement and miniatures.​

Eminem "GNAT" (Cole Bennett, dir.)

Eminem is swatting away corona like gnats and getting creative once again with director Cole Bennett in this freewheeling surprise drop.​

24kGoldn f/ DaBaby "CoCo" (Cole Bennett, dir.)

Getting ice cold and into the holiday spirit with the red hot 24K Golden and DaBaby.

Why Don't We "Slow Down" (Isaac Rentz, dir.)

Casual vibes with Why Don't We as they hang around and drive through LA to a smart sample of "1979" by The Smashing Pumpkins.

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