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Mulherin "On Me" (Michael Rees, dir.)

Co-starring Claire "Clairo" Cottrill.

The Lox "Loyalty and Love" (Christian Padron, dir.)

Khalid f/ Summer Walker "Eleven" (Daniel Russell, dir.)

Khalid racing in the streets with Summer Walker.

J Balvin "Rosa" (Colin Tilley, dir.)

Rosa leads us into cherry blossoms and a Japanese Dojo setting.

Broken Bells "Good Luck" (Kimberly Stuckwisch, Nelson De Castro, dir.)

A troubled kid sees and experiences rays of blinding light, made possible in production via a practical process of hand-tracing and laser-cutting individual frames onto black...

Glass Animals "Dreamland" (Colin Read, dir.)

A solo quarantine video that also shows the work involved in making it.

645AR "Yoga" (BRTHR, dir.)

Things get tricky and trippy during quarantine.

Doja Cat f/ Nicki Minaj "Say So (dance visual)" (Fullout Cortland, dir.)

Rod Wave "Girl Of My Dreams" (Brett Arndt, dir.)

Blue October "Oh My My" (Johnny Chew, dir.)

A multimedia trip into sometimes dark and heartbreaking memories.