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Lil Nas X "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" (Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X, dir.)

Welcome to Montero, where things are over-the-top fantastical as we see Lil Nas X go from an Eden-esque setting to a fiery hellscape.

Sub Urban w/ Two Feet "PATCHWERK" (Andrew Donoho, dir.)

A dreamstate with shattered, but singing busts of classical art, and a stitched-up Sub Urban.

BROCKHAMPTON f/ Danny Brown "Buzzcut" (Dan Streit, dir.)

Wavy and appropriately abstract from Kevin Abstract's Brockhampton crew.

NF "STORY" (Patrick Tohill, Nathan Feuerstein, dir.)

A video that tells the STORY of the song, punctuated by an attempted robbery with an insane conclusion.

Black Midi "John L" (Nina McNeely, dir.)

A wildly trippy and weird choreographed romp...

The Offspring "Let The Bad Times Roll" (Marc Klasfeld, dir.)

The Offspring return with a dose of catchy pop/punk and an adventurous video where we see the kind of imaginative craziness that ensues when young people spend over a...

MAX f/ eaJ "Working For The Weekend [Party Pupils Remix] " (Andy DeLuca, dir.)

VHS vibes in this mix of live action, animation and other effects.

All Time Low "Once In A Lifetime" (Max Moore, dir.)

A discovered key to a mansion lets a couple live the high life with their friends, but maybe there's a quicker way to the good life thanks to a scratch-off lottery...

Quinn XCII "Monday Morning" (Jonah George, dir.)

A light-hearted performance clip in front of various murals and in other locales (including through what looks like the lens of a car back-up camera).

Rod Wave "Tombstone" (Reel Goats, dir.)

Rod Wave performs amidst a snow storm while we see the story of a child in a tumultuous and dangerous environment from which he's clearly disconnected, but still...