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The Regrettes "What Am I Gonna Do Today?" (The Regrettes, dir.)

Biding time during those Corona days.

G-Eazy "Moana" (Matt Bauerschmidt, Kossisko Konan, Dusty Kessler, dir.)

Declan McKenna "The Key to Life on Earth" (Will Hooper, dir.)

2 Declans are generally better than 1.

Dababy "Can't Stop" (Reel Goats, dir.)

Ain't no stopping DaBaby's entrepreneurial spirit, even if it's just a lemonade stand on his front lawn.

Maya Hawke "Coverage [live from the barn]" (Ethan Hawke, dir.)

Actor/Director Ethan Hawke — who directed Lisa Loeb's "Stay" back in the day — makes a quarantine return to directing in this "live from...

SiR "John Redcorn" (Daniel Russell, Dominic Polcino, dir.)

A parody of King Of The Hill.

Run The Jewels "Ohh LA LA" (Brian Beletic, Vanessa Beletic, dir.)

These visuals take on a different meaning in the CoronaCrisis that hit after shooting the video, but "Ohh LA LA" basically imagines the party that will bust...

Iglooghost "Amu" (Luke Gibson, dir.)

Strange creatures flit around a lonely man in this surreal video.

Keith Urban "Polaroid" (Dano Cerny, dir.)

A Pre-Coronavirus pool party where moments freeze like a Polaroid picture.

The Rolling Stones "Living In A Ghost Town" (Joe Connor, dir.)

Haunting and timely