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John Mayer "Last Train Home" (Cameron Duddy, Harper Smith, dir.)

John Mayer launches his new Sob Rock album with a performance video as smoothly executed as the song itself, which includes an appearance by guest singer Maren...

Billie Eilish "Lost Cause" (Billie Eilish, dir.)

'Cause there ain't no party like a Billie Eilish house party.

DJ Khaled f/ Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby, Dababy "I DID IT" (Dave Meyers, dir.)

DJ Khaled gets (most of) the product placement out of the way at the beginning of his latest over-the-top collabo extravaganza.

Machine Gun Kelly f/ Kellin Quinn "Love Race" (Isaac Rentz, dir.)

Welcome to camp Emo Pointe, where there's a healthy dose of comedy and slasher horror flick homages mixed in with the usual Summer fun activities.

WATTS, Khalid "Feels" (Andy Hines, dir.)

Watts sings as he spends a day into night skateboarding through the neighborhood, while Khalid contributes his vocals mostly from atop a street lamp.

J. Balvin, Maria Becerra "Qué Más Pues?" (José-Emilio Sagaró, dir.)

An Intimate set-up with J. Balvin and Maria Becerra get contrasted with uptempo dance and performance shots at a colorful container yard. 

Cautious Clay "Wildfire" (Colin Read, dir.)

A camera rotates around a couch/TV set-up, revealing a different scenario with each revolution.

Marshmello x Jonas Brothers "Leave Before You Love Me" (Christian Breslauer, dir.)

A subway ride through a lovelorn city with Jonas Brothers and Marshmello jamming together on a station platform and a rooftop.

BTS "Butter" (Yong Seok Choi, dir.)

A smooth release from the world-dominating BTS, with visuals that go from b/w on a cyc to full color set-ups.

Lil Nas X "Sun Goes Down" (Lil Nas X, Psycho Films, dir.)

A zen-like Lil Nas X flashes back to his past, giving his younger self confidence and reassurance that everything is gonna be alright.