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Woodkid "Goliath" (Yoann Lemoine, dir.)

A miner discovers that a massive mining excavation is powering something unexpected.

Wale "Sue Me" (Kerby Jean Raymond, dir.)

A tale of two cities, broken down by racial lines, complete with different ads and different realities, making for a smart commentary on the state of race relations and...

Khalid, Disclosure "Know Your Worth" (Daniel Russell, dir.)

Melanie Pfirrman f/ pitbull, IAMCHINO "Suda" (david rousseau, dir.)

Missy Elliott "Cool Off" (Daniel Russell, dir.)

Another visit to the music video museum that is Missy Elliott.

Dababy "Jump" (Reel Goats, dir.)

Not a lot of social distancing to be seen in this comedic clip, but lots of references to keeping things extra clean as a precaution. 

Low Cut Connie "Private Lives" (Gab Bonghi, dir.)

Jeff Hilliard "Mulletude" (Jeff Hilliard, dir.)

Buzzcuts seem to be the rage for "stay-at-home" hairstyles, but real ballers go for the mullet. 

J. Balvin "Verde" (Colin Tillley, dir.)

Verde/Green goes full leprechaun as J. Balvin shrinks down to a miniscule size for a crazy experience at a backyard BBQ.

Kelly Rowland "Coffee" (Steven Gomillion, dir.)