@JosephKahn "...exposes the welcome that Trump and his circle extended to foreign support in manipulating the U.S. electorate. … https://t.co/XTfXPqE2oJ 1 day 15 hours ago
@JosephKahn I did not like this episode of GAME OF THRONES. Sentimental like a Christmas Special. 21 hours 51 min ago
@questlove I said the same thing LAST NIGHT! https://t.co/46QdMZv5KC 7 hours 58 min ago
@JosephKahn 3. Identify repeating avatars that have a high coincidence of proximity to the Mccanns. 16 hours 42 min ago
@JosephKahn RT : 【耳が動くウサギの帽子で危険なテーブルクロス引き】 A rabbit hat with moving ears, pulling a tablecloth. https://t.co/ZXogvqUp8E 1 day 5 hours ago
@JosephKahn If everyone is a King and Queen, who is anyone actually ruling over? 20 hours 39 min ago
@JosephKahn 1. Ask for everyone who was in that area of Portugal that week to load every single photograph they have into a dat… https://t.co/vVdo1FG1Np 16 hours 46 min ago
@JosephKahn 5. In summary, that is a tourist spot. All they do is take photos. There is enough info to create a virtual crime s… https://t.co/k8AjExe60c 16 hours 33 min ago
@JosephKahn Martin Scorsese always talks about how Michael Powell's PEEPING TOM was so influential to him. I just learned Powel… https://t.co/bufa0DPyyb 1 day 20 hours ago
@Videostatic RT : Steve was a lovely man...very funny too. I moved to the USA because of Steve and wouldn't have had the career I had… https://t.co/X2jy7dtJsG 6 hours 14 min ago
@katyperry DISNEY NIGHT ON IS COMING IN 30 MINUTES!!! Trust, it’s not gonna SUCK-TION 🐙😈 https://t.co/c2YBS2Czor 1 day 2 hours ago
@Diddy Happy Easter everyone!!! LOVE ❤️ https://t.co/EnMym2Gpso 1 day 10 hours ago
@JosephKahn Watching doc DISAPPEARANCE OF MADELEINE MCCANN on which is terrifying. But I have an idea of how to solve the case: 16 hours 48 min ago
@JosephKahn I am literally keeping my baby in house as much as possible until 9 months when she can get her measles shot. You f… https://t.co/lPVdhWnZk8 19 hours 50 min ago
@JosephKahn Pit bulls are only 6% of dog population and 66% of fatal deaths. Way… https://t.co/NPh8qD6F1M 1 day 28 min ago

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