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Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized" (1984)

How has this not been made into a Pepsi commercial? Besides the obvious reasons, of course...

Vial Of Sound "A Lifetime Passed" (Ori Toor, dir.)

Kinda like Finding Nemo meets Adventure Time as seen through the mind of somebody who really loves fractals and psilocybin. 

Majical Cloudz "Bugs Don't Buzz" (Gordon von Steiner, dir.)

And you thought cicada season was creepy? Welcome to a buggy future where we seem to have lost World War Buzz.

John Mayer "Paper Doll" (Prancercise version)

While Jazzercise tries to maintain its coolness (Ed. really?), the lovely Joanna Rohrback keeps things real with a lovely Prancercise routine (Ed. technically...

Breakbot "You Should Know (teaser)" (Gerson Aguerri, Canada, dir.)

Merely a teaser, but it's been a minute since we've seen Canada work their magic for a music video... And it looks like their erotique style is firmly intact, but...

Robyn f/ Snoop Dogg "U Should Know Better"

This is one of those mysterious videos. It's for a song that's around three-years-old. It features shrubbery, doll sex play, a mini Robyn, an odd woman, and the...

Maribou State "Tongue" (Samuel Hurlock & Joe Beverley, dir.)

A wander through the woods leads to an odd party where our heroine reaches unexpected erotic heights thanks to some mysterious substances. So, don't get lulled by that...

San Fermin "Sonsick" (Benjamin Kutsko, dir.)

Strangeness surrounds the young girl in this video for San Fermin. There's the distracted parents, a doted-on dog, a surreal birthday party and something huge lurking out...

Postino "I Love It" (Will Kindrick, dir.)

This free-spirited video couldn't be any more lovable with a girl in monster suit who spreads the good vibrations through L.A.

Designer Drugs "Space Based" (Skinny, dir.) [NSFW]

Temptation and danger abound in Bangkok. And things are never what they seem. So it goes in this wild SKINNY video that starts with our man receiving a Cobra tattoo...