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Arcade Fire "Afterlife (YouTube Music Awards version)" (Spike Jonze, dir.)

Actress Greta Gerwig feels the spirit in this dance explosion for Arcade Fire "Afterlife," with multiple settings that are indeed more like a traditional music...

Eminem "Rap God (YouTube Music Awards version)" (James Larese, dir.)

This is a smart one, taking the most classic "Flava In Ya Ear" white cyc x b/w style and doing it "Rap God" @ YouTube

Lady Gaga "Dope (YouTube Music Award version)" (Spike Jonze, Chris Milk, dir.)

There's not a director credit on this one. Instead, this in-character Lady Gaga performance is "documented" by Spike Jonze and Chris Milk. It's raw,...

The Return of the Director Credit via VEVO

It took until 1992 for music video directors to get credits in the old MTV credits — eleven years into the life of MTV, but just in time to make near household names of...

VEVO Unveils Site Relaunch: Now with Director Credit Chyrons

It's VEVO 3.0 with the site launching a total revamp in terms of its interface and backend.The homepage does away with the poster image style, in favor of something a bit...

Best Music Videos of October 2013

No Miley. No PSY. No matter. Lots of good stuff this month, ranging from big pop to small experiemental stuff.Listed in reverse chronological order, oldest to newest....

Springtime Carnivore "Creature Feature" (Eddie O'Keefe, dir.)

This is not a true story. But it would make an amazing B Horror movie. And it's certainly a compelling and perfectly Halloweenie music video.

David Bowie Makes A Surprise Music Video for $12.99

The timing of this creepy new David Bowie video on Halloween is no coincindence, but the fact it follows so closely to the loss of his onetime collaborator Lou Reed is a...

Spike Jonze and Chris Milk Directing "Live" Videos for YouTube Music Awards!

How can the YouTube Music Awards get cooler? They already have an artist line-up that boasts Arcade Fire, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Avicii, M.I.A., Tyler The Creator, Earl...

The Roofer's Union "Melt" (GORF, The Roofer's Union, dir.)

This will be the trippiest thing you watch today. Unless you are tripping, in which case this wonderfully weird video might make perfect sense.