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Grigori "Sinas" (Grigori, dir.)

Not explicit, but surely erotic. NSFW? Probably.

Big Black Delta "X22" (Eli Berg, dir.) [NSFW]

I don't know what self-defense class would have helped the would-be victim in this violent video. And I say that only because it's clear she knows exactly how to take...

Mac Miller "Gees" (ILLROOTS/ILLAMERICA, dir.)

A trippy video that seems to have been made under the influence of purple pills.

Meet the Clif: a Gif Clip for Augustin Charnet (Quentin Cherrier, dir.)

Clip + Gif = Clif.Meet the Clif, from director Quentin Cherrier, who unfurls a video as a series of animated GIFs that you can follow and/or revisit at your own...

Melodic Chaotic "Summer Fling" (Mike Vargas, Willow Smith, dir.)

She whips her hair no more. In fact, it seems like she now favors a wig and a much more blissed-out sound. Willow Smith returns to music (note: she's 12) with a laidback...

London Alley Signs Director Frank Borin

Production company London Alley has officially announced the signing of director Frank Borin, who will be independently repped by Yell Productions for music videos.Video...

Titus Andronicus "Still Life with Hot Deuce on SIlver Platter" (Bryan Schlam, Dir.)

Titus Andronicus bang out a Clash city rocker at Brooklyn club Shea Stadium with a mix of VHS effects and instrument-cams to give it the proper DIY grit.

MS MR "Think Of You" (BRTHR, dir.)

Believe it or not, this Ms Mr video is one of the least weird things you'd encounter on Brooklyn's public access network, BCAT. That said, this latest visual treat...

Kanye West "Black Skinhead" Video

UPDATE: Kanye has tweeted a few things about the video:1. "The BLKKK SKKKN HD video that leaked yesterday was not the official version." [link]2. "Me and Nick...

Lupe Fiasco "#1234" (Alex Nazari, dir.)

It starts with imagery of guns, drugs and bitches, watches, chains and fried chicken. Then we take a step-back and see the young impressionable black kid watching it on TV...