@kevathens There are a ton of new clips - Klasfeld, Andelman, Drew Kirsch 44 min 21 sec ago
@kevathens There are a ton of new clips - Klasfeld, Andelman, Drew Kirsch 44 min 21 sec ago

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Elton John "Home Again" (Brent Bonacorso, dir.)

An older man drives of being young again in this fantastical (and fantastic) video for Elton John. It's not the kind of sentiment that will resonate with the kids...

Jacking The 'Tube: Lady Gaga, Playlisting Videos and Affecting The Billboard Hot 100

Here's a great YouTube scam:Set up a playlist to play your video 150 times in a rowAsk your fans to click it and let it play throughHope it's enough to impact...

Aardman Animations Create Teaser for Pink Floyd Dark Side Radio Drama

While it's not the reunion tour you might have hoped for, this celebration of Dark Side Of The Moon's 40th Anniversary is certainly unique.Sir Tom Stoppard has...

Papa "Young Rut" (Norton, dir.)

And you thought your laundry just spun around in circles while you waited for it be finished? 

The Vaccines "Melody Calling" (Karan Kandhari, dir.)

Getting the gist of this split-screen Vaccines video might require a lip-reader, since those helpful subtitles just when you need them both. But, the other video to play...

The First 30 Videos Aired on MTV's Launch Day in 1981

Vh1.com has a special feature up today with embeds of the first 30 videos ever played on MTV... As you could guess, there's some forgotten gems in there...

Coheed And Cambria "Number City" (Jonathan Chong, dir.)

DIY teddy bear surgery in this beautifully designed and executed stop-motion video.

The Flight "Hangman" (Jeremy Stewart, dir.)

Jeremy Stewart from STILLANDMOVING.TV produced, designed, and animated this video which ripples with a mix of Gothic horror and steampunk touches.

Nirvana "Heart-Shaped Box [director's cut]" (Anton Corbijn, dir.)

The vaults were scoured for the upcoming In Utero box set and one of the rarities unearthed was this director's cut of Anton Corbijn's "Heart Shaped Box"...

Flume "Insane" (Angus Lee Forbes, dir.)

A woman gets on her bike to motor her way through a desolate midnight city, climaxing with a sci-fi portal that results in a crashing finale. [via MTVU.com]Get More: www.mtvu...