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Director Diane Martel Goes Shot By Shot on Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop"

I like how we're studying the Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" video like it's the Zapruder film, or The Talmud. It's certainly more fun.Rolling Stone...

A Great Big World "Everyone Is Gay" (Rohitash Rao, dir.)

A charming* stop-motion lyric video filled with clever paper cut-outs, all inspired by Everyone Is Gay, an advice website for all, with an emphasis on LGBT...

Holger "Great Strings" (Seb Caudron, dir.) [NSFW]

Wanna be stranded in an island paradise with lots of naked women (and citrus)? Or is that a silly question? [SG]

Travis "Moving" (Wriggles & Robins, dir.)

Here's a video that makes breath come alive, sort of. Directors Wriggles & Robins rear-projected images onto the visible breath of Travis during a very cold (-1...

Locksmith "You Never Know" (Young Gunz, dir.)

Because beneath the surface, we are all the same... An idea brought to life via an unmasking motif.

Trying To Be Cool with Phoenix, Canada and a Double-Dutch One Take Video

Imagine a funhouse designed by an acid-eater fan of Rube Goldberg, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. Then imagine precisely plotting out a one-take video filled with...

Corey Feldman "Ascension Millienium"

Corey Feldman has made a music video. You remember Corey from his hit movie run in the ;80s— Goonies, Lost Boys, Gremlins, Stand By Me — or maybe his rebirth...

Pink "True Love" (Sophie Muller, dir.)

Pink welcomes us inside her life on the road with husband Corey Hart and daughter Willow. There's equal amounts of live performance and some pop-art fantasy sequences...

White Lies "There Goes Our Love Again" (James Slater from Goodtimes, dir.)

I get a vibe of The 5,6,78's from Kill Bill mixed with the Bollywood intro from Ghostworld. Which is a long way of saying it's a damn charming performance video.

Best Music Videos Of June 2013

Yet another month where I had to leave off some great stuff just to keep this Best Music Videos of the Month list to a reasonable length.Keep in mind that some of these...