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@Videostatic RT : Ric Ocasek, the Hall of Fame Cars singer who fused pop, rock and New Wave into indelible hits, has died at the age… https://t.co/8Lor2bVfYP 13 hours 7 min ago
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Yellow Red Sparks "A Play To End All Plays" (Claire Marie Vogel, dir.)

A video that depicts a play to end all plays (literally, almost)..."I feel like this video was such a labor of love for everyone involved and that's why it turned...

Binary "G.O.D." (Tom Bunker & Nicos Livesey, dir.)

Nothing but sharp edges in this blocky animated clip about a square world until it busts open into something more colorful and lumpy.

Russ Chimes "Turn Me Out" (Mathy & Fran, dir.)

Oh, the amazing, seemingly impossible movements made possibly a good beat and a good hypnotist.

Ciara "Body Party" (Director X, dir.)

Despite a couple interludes where real-life lovers Ciara and Future spark up a romance, this video doesn't stray far from exactly what the song title demands — even...

Bonobo "First Fires" (Young Replicant, dir.)

Passions burn and then get doused — or perhaps merely reborn — in this beautiful clip by Young Replicant that grabs the song's metaphor and creates a...

Mesuggah "I Am Colossus" (Magnus Jonsson, dir.)

Good friend Phil Mucci is on the money when he says this dark new video owes a debt to the late/great Fred Stuhr, best known for his claymation work on the Tool "Sober...

Muse "Panic Station" (Tim Qualtrough, dir.)

If Muse has always struck you as oh so serious, this new video for "Panic Station" may come as a shock. The behind-the-scenes intro (and outro) confirm that this is...

R.I.P. Chrissy Amphlett, Divinyls

Australian dup Divynls were a one-hit-wonder here in the States, but what a hit... The 1991 smash "I Touch Myself," about as direct a song can be about...

Big Black Delta "Side Of The Road" (Warren Kommers, dir.)

Imagine an updated, darker version of Gary Numan "Cars" but with the energy and vibe of a classic dance production, and you kind of get a sense of what to expect in...

Twenty One Pilots "Car Radio" (Mark C. Eshleman, dir.)

This latest video for the camera-friendly Twenty One Pilots pulls off two tricky feats: If you're gonna have a mid-video head shave, you only get one...