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Kanye West "New Slaves" Worldwide Projection

Kanye is everywhere. Or, at least he was in 66 places last night as his disembodied head was projected against buildings in 10 worldwide cities to debut new song "...

ZZ Top "Legs" (Tim Newman, dir.)

ZZ Top must have been a marketer's dream back in 1983. The beards, the custom Eliminator car, spinning fleece guitars, a willingness to take a backseat in the video...

Jennifer Lopez f/ Pitbull "Live It Up" (Jessy Terrero, dir.)

Don't be concerned with chronology here: How Jennifer Lopez gets from a Paris runway to a beach blast with Pitbull in Miami is irrelevant. All that matters is she...

London Grammar "Wasting My Young Years (Behind The Scenes)" (Bison, dir.)

Here's how they made the amazing London Grammar video "Wasting My Young Years"...Watch the full/final video here.

London Grammar "Wasting My Young Years" (Bison, dir.)

625 pinhole cameras on a "homemade" rig shooting 35mm create an eerie, lo-fi 3D effect.Make sure you check out the Behind The Scenes too...

Le1f "Spa Day" (Jesse Miller-Gordon, dir.)

If the thought of going to the spa creeps you out, well, this video won't help. Pretty sure this is NSFW and not all that hygienic.

Rick Ross and Birdman Talk "H" On The Set Of "No New Friends" With Derick G

Derick G caught up with Birdman and Rick Ross on the set of "No New Friends"  to discuss the duo's 2008 collabo project H, which is finally getting...

Fat Joe "Ballin'" (Eif Rivera, dir.)

Cash still rules everything around Fat Joe: Private planes, palatial estates, piles of diamonds and some conspicious product placements. Ballin, indeed. 

Brooke Candy "Pussy Make The Rules" (Meredith Danluck, dir.)

Sounds like Kreayshawn, looks like a lo-fi Lady Gaga. There's no pussy in the video, but plenty in the lyrics, and also lots of blood.

Lady Antebellum "Goodbye Town" (Peter Zavadil, dir.)

There's a cool technique at play in this video for country crossover act Lady Antebellum in which 2D projection screens and deft camerawork create a sense of 3D....