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Paramore "Anklebiters" (Jordan Brune, dir.)

A sweetly surreal and hand-crafted reimagining of Pac Man in this animated clip for Paramore.

Lip Dub Armageddon with Bonnie McKee, Tommy Lee, KISS, Joan Rivers and more

Here is a celebrity lip-dub video to end all celebrity lip-dub videos. Or, at least we can hope so.In addition to pop stars like Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, and Carly Rae...

Prettybird Signs Director Ace Norton

Prettybird has announced the signing of director Ace Norton for both music videos and commercials.His directors reel includes videos for:Foster The People "Call It What...

The Videostatic Interview: Jodeb

Jodeb is Jonathan Desbiens, a director and artist who has rocketed to the top of many music video shortlists thanks to a distinctive style that's proven to be a perfect...

Bloc Party "Ratchet" (Cyriak, dir.)

What starts as simple mixed-up effects gets increasingly insane and complicated. Which, if you're familiar with the video artist Cyriak, is always to be expected. 

All Dinosaurs "Tight Rope" (Jon Nix, dir.)

Skeletons come stalking out the closey with murderous and musical intentions in this metal ode to classic horror. 

Andrew Duncan Brown "All That You Need" (Spool, dir.)

To quote Elliott Smith, "It's a junkie dream makes you so uptight."

DESTRUCTO "Higher" (Agata Alexander, dir.)

Love is a drug for a woman who needs to her blood (and other fluids) pumping. And she's certianly not prepared for the eventual heartbreak.

Adian Coker "Cream" (Drew Cox, dir.)

It's like an illuminati apocalypse in this b&w stunner for UK rapper Adian Coker directed by one man army Drew Cox.

Bridget Kelly f/ Kendrick Lamar "Street Dreamin'" (Clifton Bell, dir.)

Roc Nation's Bridget Kelly and rap star Kendrick Lamar easily hold this video down, with director Clifton Bell applying the occasional halftone reprographic and...