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Ducktails "Letter of Intent" (HARRYS, dir.)

Welcome to the Upper West Side...note: HARRYS are now repped by Partizan

Lil Wayne "R.A.F." (Parris, dir.)

There's a minimalism to this desert excursion with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, with direcor Parris letting things breathe to the restrained pace of the song. It kind of...

Mike Luck "Cityscape" (Maxmana, dir.)

Take some Drive and Tom Petty "You Got Lucky," mix it with a Daft Punk vibe with 3D animation and you get the hypnotic "Cityscape."

Sigur Ros "Brennisteinn" (Andrew Thomas Huang, dir.)

Now that director/artist Andrew Thomas Huang has checked "working with Bjork" off his resume, he returns with a video for another act that prides itself...

The Middle Eight "Latter Days" (Matt Christensen, dir.)

Director/Animator Matt Christensen creates an entire world filled in this video, filled with an insane amount of detail and complexity.

Caro Emerald "Tangled Up" (Videodrome, dir.)

Mad Mannish art-deco animation leads to a series of dance sequences that feel très Parisian whether it's a sepia flapper bar, or a shadowy b/w ...

Fryars "On Your Own" (Olivier Groulx, dir.)

Ever feel so very lonely? Like a turd-like asteroid spinning out in the vast nothingness of space? Like the saddest girl in ridiculous bathing suit? Then this video is for...

Thirty Seconds To Mars "Up In The Air (Teaser)" (Bartholomew Cubbins, dir.)

MTV Buzzworthy has a sneak peek at the new Thirty Seconds To Mars video which looks fairly massive: it's got a wolf, a plush mechanical bull, a Zebra, and, if Jared Leto...

Instrumenti "Don't Hold Onto Me" (Uģis Olte, dir.)

Gravity defying stop-motion performance gives way to more head's-up imagery that would make Peter Gabriel and/or Gary Numan proud.

Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" (Diane Martel, dir.)

Director Diane Martel easily blurs those lines between sexy and casual in this new collabo between Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. And she also makes sure you know to use...