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Tyler The Creator "IFHY/Jamba" (Wolf Haley, dir.)

Tyler, The Creator's plastic appearance makes sense once the camera pulls out and we see it's  life in a dollhouse situation for the rapper and his girl. 

Drew Seeley "Into the Fire" (Donlee Brussel, dir.)

Pop singer Drew Seeley plays a private eye who goes in deep on a mission to get dirt on a woman who has caught the eye of his client, Wayne Brady. In the end, Seeley...

Depeche Mode "Soothe My Soul" (Warren Fu, dir.) NSFW

Director Warren Fu uses a square aspect ratio to focus in on all the body parts that keep Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan's soul apprpriately soothed. Some of those parts...

Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines (UNRATED / NSFW)" (Diane Martel, dir.)

Last week's Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. collabo "Blurred Lines" was one of those rare videos that managed to be both sexy and fun. And, even rarer: The...

Team Spirit "Jesus He's Alright" (Ian Perlman, dir.)

As the title says, Jesus may be alright, but not if you're looking to have a hellacious good time at church. Director Ian Perlman and animation duo HannesJohannes ...

Joel Compass "Back To Me" (Ian and Cooper, dir.)

It's the stillness that makes this video so heartbreakingly gorgeous, even when directors Ian And Cooper take some distinctly disturbing turns as they...

Icona Pop "I Love It" (Fredrik Etoall, dir.)

This video has been out for a while, but it's only recently that I've succombed to the song, which is one of those rarities that can work with both the electro...

Weird Werewolf Video From Winny Puhh

They're apparently werewolves from Estonia. And the last time I saw something this fantastically random, it was for a dude named PSY. 

Michael Buble "It's A Beautiful Day" (Marc Klasfeld, dir.)

It doesn't start out as a beautiful day — unless you think Michael Buble is used to coming home to find his wife (played by Jaime Pressly) locking-lips...

Passion Pit "Cry Like A Ghost" (Daniels, dir.)

She's a pendulum, heartbroken and numb, swaying from one man to another in yet another Daniels video that seems to break all the rules of time and space.