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The Zolas "Escape Artist" (Kevan Funk, dir.)

There's a twist midway through thus coming of age tale...Zach Gray, The Zolas: "I was writing about the feeling of having a more vivid version of yourself...

Justin Timberlake "Mirrors" (Floria Sigismondi, dir.)

Memories get distorted as if reflected in a funhouse mirror in this ode to enduring love. The centerpiece is an old, synchronous couple who visit a fun house of memories,...

Dead Sara "Lemon Scent" (Reg B, dir.)

The Gallaghers and The Robinsons ain't got nothing on the intra-band brawlers in Dead Sara.Singer Emily Armstrong and guitarist Siouxsie Medley get in the...

Altar Of Plagues "God Alone" (James Kelly and Patrick O'Mahony, dir.)

Is this the most beautiful and graceful black metal video you've ever seen?

Mack Maine "Celebrate" (Parris Stewart, dir.)

Timing, Timing, Timing. After a crazy dramatic week for Cash Money that had Lil Wayne getting Last Rites one day and then walking out the hospital the next, "Celebrate...

Biting Elbows "Bad Motherfucker" (Ilya Naishuller, dir.)

Here's a music video in the form of a first-person shooter that's lots of fun, so long as you can stomach all the violence. And, it's yet another example of the...

Margaret "Thank You Very Much" (Chris Marrs Piliero, dir.)

I'm sure your childhood was filled with all sorts of embarassing moments, but probably nothing as horrifying as what poor Margaret is subjected to at this revealing ...

Arty "Together We Are" (Julian Acosta, dir.)

An age-defying serum extracted from a magical leaf brings people together for a vision quest in this video for DJ Arty featuring singer Chris James.

Django Django "WOR" (Jim Demuth, dir.)

Django Django's David Maclean is apparently obsessed with the Well of Death riders in Allahabad, India. For good reason: it's a group of insane motorbike...

Joy Formidable "Little Blimp" shot w/ GoPro

A GoPro cam gets affixed to Joy Formidable frontwoman Ritzy Bryan's guitar to create a lo-fi and more rock-oriented version of a Snorri Cam.