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Cee Lo Green "Only You" (Ethan Lader, Dir.)

Shy KidX "Orion" (Alex Purifoy, Dir.)

Tame Impala "Mind Mischief" (Tame Impala, Dir.)

Remember being in school, getting stoned with the hot teacher in her car and then taking her to cartoonish erotic heights? Yeah, me neither. But, it's a good fantasy. And...

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - JJ. Augustavo & Ryan Lewis, dir.

Samantha Crain "Never Going Back" (Lamar+Nik, Dir.)

Directing duo LAMAR+NIK is clearly into actual cut and paste. Their "Magnolia" video was typofied by 3D cardboard cut-outs, and now they've marshalled nearly 4,...

Rounds "Falter" (Silbling, Dir.)

A sexy video  about the laws of attraction, playing magnetic filaments, ferrofluid and human bodies.

Justin Bieber "Nothing Like Us" (Colin Tilley, Dir.)

Shooting today in support of Justin Bieber's acoustic album, Believe Acoustic...

Lil Wayne "Bitches Love Me" (Hannah Lux Davis, Dir.)

New Politics "Harlem" (Lenny Bass, Dir.)

Vine: Twitter's New Video App Needs Music Videos

Twitter's new looping video app Vine has launched — allowing for the easy creation and sharing of silly stop-motions and porn. Now, before Vine gets...