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Minus The Bear "Listing" (Jesse LeDoux, Dir.)

The journey is long (and strange) in this mostly animated Minus The Bear video by artist Jesse LeDoux for the new Rugburn cartoon channel on Youtube.

Beyonce For President (Still)

Now that Beyonce's National Anthem rendition has become a debate of whether she lip-synced or not — which strikes me as eerily similar to the "Does Obama use a...

Of Monsters And Men "King And Lionheart" (WEWEREMONKEYS, Dir.)

The WEWEREMONKEYS video for Of Monsters And Men "Little Talks" was one of 2012's best, so it's no surprise that this long in gestation follow-up is just as...

Justin Timberlake "Suit And Tie (lyric version)" (Laban Pheidias, Dir.)

When is a lyric video not just a lyric video? When it has the production values of most ordinary videos, stars the artist himself, and that artist is Justin Timberlake on his...

Adam Ant "Cool Zombie" (Adam Ant & Adam Ross, dir.)

The original new wave pop/punk star with the penchant for pirate panache has returned to mystify another generation. If you're old and foretful, or young and...

Alpines "Lights" (Ryan Hope, Dir.)

A series of long, perfectly pitched tracking shots follow a woman through a factory until she feels the repercussions of something horrible that's happened to a loved one...

Bella & Zendaya "Contagious Love" (Justin Francis, Dir.)

Music video in the works for the stars of hit Disney teen series Shake It Up...

Melanie Fiona "Wrong Side Of A Love Song" (Larenz Tate, Dir.)

Starring Omari Hardwick and directed by Larenz Tate (star of Menace II Society)...

Xilent "Boss Wave" (Kristofer Ström, Erik Buchholtz, Mikael Pettersén, Dir.)

A video game's pixelated fun becomes CG'ed danger as the world becomes a giant Boss wave. 

Bring Me The Horizon "Shadow Moses" (A Nice Idea Every Day, Dir.)

Kick ass metal performance video with a disorienting hurdy-gurdy flow from A Nice Idea Every Day