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M.I.A. "Bring The Noize" (Matangi Gold Edition)

If the golden bits from the new M.I.A. "Bring The Noize" video were your personal highlights, then you should love this gilded version which is all gold...

Pissed Jeans "Romanticize Me" (Joe Stakun, dir.)

Of course the overnight rink attendant — spending his time cleaning blades and riding the Zamboni — dreams of taking the ice and delivering a majestic...

Pixies "Bag Boy" (LAMAR+NIK, dir.)

Milk baths should be taken with fruit loops. Flares and Roman Candles can be used indoors, with caution. There is such a thing as too many balloons. Lessons abound in this...

Ducktails "Under Cover" (Charles Poekel, dir.)

Bands used to dream of groupies, fame, fortune and cocaine. Now? It's dreams of owning Sprinter Vans and enjoying a weekend away at a simple country home,...

Flux Pavillion f/ Childish Gambino "Do or Die" (Bryan Schlam, dir.)

A pool party with an EDM DJ sounds like a fun idea, until you get to The Drop and things go seriously (and violently) haywire.

The Limousines "Love Is A Dog From Hell" (Frank Door, dir.)

Reverse slo-mo spitting, burning palms and naked hula-hooping are just some of the images in this intriguing b&w portraiture piece.And there's probably just...

Snoop Dogg "Boom! There They Go" (Benny Boom, dir.)

Usually when Snoop hoists a cup it's the Cannibus Cup. Or his Pimp Chalice. That's not the case in this family friendly clip to support Turbo, new Dreamworks Animated...

Director Diane Martel Talks Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" and Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop"

You can debate whether director Diane Martel's videos for "Blurred Lines" and "We Can't Stop" are the best of the year. But, it's undeniable...

Mayer Hawthorne "Her Favorite Song" (Marc Klasfeld, dir.)

Modern day soulman Meyer Hawthorne hanging at the club with his dogs. Like, literally, his dogs.

Paramore "Anklebiters" (Jordan Brune, dir.)

A sweetly surreal and hand-crafted reimagining of Pac Man in this animated clip for Paramore.