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DESTRUCTO "Higher" (Agata Alexander, dir.)

Love is a drug for a woman who needs to her blood (and other fluids) pumping. And she's certianly not prepared for the eventual heartbreak.

Adian Coker "Cream" (Drew Cox, dir.)

It's like an illuminati apocalypse in this b&w stunner for UK rapper Adian Coker directed by one man army Drew Cox.

Bridget Kelly f/ Kendrick Lamar "Street Dreamin'" (Clifton Bell, dir.)

Roc Nation's Bridget Kelly and rap star Kendrick Lamar easily hold this video down, with director Clifton Bell applying the occasional halftone reprographic and...

The Weeknd "Kiss Land"

Interlaced steaminess with a Japenese vibe... Welcome to Kiss Land.

MGMT "Your Life Is A Lie" (Tom Kuntz, dir.)

Lead video off MGMT's forthcoming self-titled album...

MGMT "Alien Days" (Sam Fleischner, dir.)

One of two videos in production for new MGMT album, due September 17...

Stepdad "Pick And Choose" (Hannes Elltorp & Johannes Helgelin, dir.)

Things get beasty in this latest video from animation duo Hannes Johannes...Hannes Elltorp & Johannes Helgelin: "Everything in the video is hand drawn from...

Bronze Radio Return "Further On" (The Chain Gang, dir.)

I bet you didn't know that Extreme Pogoing was an actual thing. But it is, and this springy Bronze Radio Return provides a nice soundtrack for P(r)oGo'er Russ...

Duck Sauce "It's You" (Phil Andelman, dir.)

Finally, a barber shop that seems even more fun than My-T-Sharp. Duck Sauce duo A-Trak and Armand Van Helden seem to have the magic touch as hair comes alive in all shapes...

Let's Do The Time Warp: Krokus "Dög Song"

Twenty-five ago this video would have been awesome.You've got a bulldog doing human things like a stockier Spuds McKenzie. You've got a rustier and junkier version of...