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David Lynch and Lykke Li "I'm Waiting Here"

Unless you're squarely in the "It's the drive, not the destination" school of road tripping, this video for David Lynch and Lykke Li could strike you as...

We Show Up On Radar "Hands Up If You're Lost" (Tom Walsh, dir.)

The Fraggle Rock spirit is strong in this very puppety video for We Show Up On Radar.

Jon Marco "Rhianna" (Jim Meegan, dir.)

How about a pitch-perfect homage to some of the most famous movie scenes from the '80s. We're talking recreations of the Back To The Future, The Shining, Ghostbusters...

Adrian Sieber "Round Round" (Danila Kostil, dir.)

It's all about the repetitions in this Giftastic video from Barcelona-based director Danila Kostil. 

Sixgun Serenade "Fortunate Vessels" (Jamie Ryan Scott Brooks, dir.)

This metal video is pretty damned violent, so don't click unless you're into head shots that end with brains and blood on the wall. Same rules apply if you feel...

The Great Music Video Space Race Continues

I realize astronauts had an unfair advantage in the Great Music Video Space Race, but life is full of those sad little facts.Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was first...

Stereogum's Top 25 Videos Of 2013 (So Far)

Indie and alternative site Stereogum just unveiled a list of their Top 25 Videos Of 2013 So Far, which rightfully skews toward indie/alt although there's some pop and hip...

Additional Spectacle NYC Events Announced

Music video junkies: If you haven't seen the SPECTACLE: THE MUSIC VIDEO at the Museum of the Moving Image, you need to get off your couch/chair/floor: The exhibit...

Michael Franti & Spearhead "I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like)" (Zach Merck, dir.)

If you're alive and with somebody you love, then there's no excuse to not be as happy as Michael Franti and everyone else in this celebration of a video.

The 10 Worst or Best Low Budget YouTube Videos?

Do you have the time or sanity to watch The 10 Worst Low Budget Music Videos on YouTube, as selected by The Sun (who are no stranger to the worst of things).I don't, but...