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Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know?" (David Wilson, dir.)

Just when you think we're in for an "anti" video of just a modulating sine wave, the squiggles get stepped-on, transformed and taken to a much higher (pun...

Breach "Jack" (The Sacred Egg, dir.)

I'll let you make up your own "hairy" pun for this video, so long as it means you'll watch it. Because it is awesome, whether you're way into beards, or...

Rihanna Beats Bieber As All-Time YouTube View Leader

Rihanna takes the throne Most Viewed Artist on YouTube throne from Jusin Bieber... Billboard reports:Some time early Tuesday morning (June 18), Rihanna passed Justin Bieber...

The Postal Service "A Tattered Line of String" (AB/CD/CD, dir.)

A tattered line of string and a very complicated load of laundry.

Lil Wayne Goes Back To Impoverished Hollygrove, NOLA Hometown And All The Media Sees Is The Flag

Are all these people outraged about Lil Wayne stepping on an American Flag equally outraged that the hometown of Hollygrove, NOLA — where this video was shot...

Die Antwoord "Cookie Thumper" (Ninja, dir.) [NSFW]

Love is a drug in this bizarre and lusty kinda/sorta homage to Lil' Orphan Annie. 

Willow "Remedy" (Filip Sterckx, dir.)

Here's a perfect example of a video that's easy to appreciate, but tough to describe. Video images freeze and get immortalized into physical that then serve as...

Pet Shop Boys "Vocal" (Joost Vandeburg, dir.)

This love song to the songs and then scene you love gets a perfectly simple, yet effective video made entirely from '80s UK rave scene archival footage. 

Kanye West's Yeezus x American Psycho Short w/ Scott Disick & Jonathan Cheban

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this American Psycho remake in which Kardashian henchmen Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheban play the roles of Patrick...

Foals "Bad Habit" (NABIL, dir.) [NSFW]

Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis stumbles across the desert in search of something... It could be salvation, or just a fertile crescent — both of which are...