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Black Art Syndikat "Les Festes Del Infern" (, Dir.)

Are you ready for a peek into the world of Folkstep? Just be aware there's more than a little violence and technicolor vomit. Also, it's awesome. Completists can...

2013 Sundance Music Movie Guide

You are at Sundance. And you love music videos. Well, too bad. There's no music video program. But, if you love music on film, you're in luck since there's...

Maroon 5 "Daylight" (Playing For Change version)

Whereas the other "Daylight" video showcases random fans and people from around the world connecting with the song, this version showcases random street musicians...

4x3: Director David Mallet on David Bowie

by Stephen Pitalo, The Golden Age of Music Video The modern conceptual music video owes a debt to the artist/director collaborations of music icon David Bowie and...

Robert DeLong "Global Concepts" (Sam Stephens & Charles Whitcher, Dir.)

Music is a playground for Robert Delong, using everything from a joysticks to drum kits to synths and even a Wii Remote to create a sound bed that indeed makes people...

Bloc Party "Truth" (Clemens Habicht, Dir.)

Colorful haze surrounds and pulsates to the rhythm in this portrature video that manage to be insanely kinetic, even when it's actually still.

The Wild Feathers "Backwoods Company" (Gus Black, Dir.)

Do all backwoods rock 'n' roll parties end with a head getting smashed in? Or is this Wild Feathers jam especially twisted?

The Jon Brion Show with Elliott Smith (Paul Thomas Anderson, dir.)

Apparently back in 2000, Vh1 had producer/musician Jon Brion make a pilot for a variety show.So, Brion had his friend and collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson direct it.And they...

Vali "Shut it Down" (Paul Coy Allen, Dir.)

MTV 2013 Artist To Watch

MTV kicked off their 2013 new artist discovery platform "MTV Artist To Watch" with a concert at NYC's Highline Ballroom with Zedd, Jessie Ware, Twenty One...