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Cancer Research UK Race For Life Video (David Wilson, dir.)

This music video was commissioned to play at Cancer Research UK's Race For Life events and is a great reminder that:Elsastic "Connection" is still a...

HIM "All Lips Go Blue" (Eugene Riecansky, dir.)

The Sword "Cloak Of Feathers" (Rich Ragsdale, dir.)

Olly Knights "Bitten By The Frost" (Philip Bloom, dir.)

Every day isn't exactly the same for Olly Knights, but he is in the center of a soul-crushing routine and romance that only gets worse when he decides to step-out for a...

SXSW Day 2: Woodies, Sound City, and more

First off, Monday will be back to the normal flow for Videostatic. Thanks for being patient while I'm on my annual SXSW visit.I'll keep this brief.The MTVU Woodies...

Deadmau5 "Telemiscommunications" (Imogen Heap & Colin Gordon, dir.)

A beautiful animated video that's rooted in rotoscope, but takes off in all sorts of unexpected styles with nearly 20 animators playing a visual game of exquisite corpse.

Family Of The Year "Hero" (Isaac Rentz, dir.)

SXSW Day 1: Young Fathers, Specials, Alt-J, Kitten, Vevo, Vh1

As you possibly know, I'm in SXSW for a few days. As always, the surprises are the best part and Young Fathers was the highlight of night.Young Fathers are a Scottish hip...

98 Degrees "Microphone" (Spence Nicholson, dir.)

Hey, if New Kids can make a comeback, why can't 98 Degrees? In fact, they tour together this Spring/Summer as The Package. 

Editor James Rose On His Top 5 Videos

Leading editor James Rose -- now signed to Final Cut London -- has long been one of the more sought after editors in London, cutting clips for Kings...