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Bring Me The Horizon "Shadow Moses" (A Nice Idea Every Day, Dir.)

Kick ass metal performance video with a disorienting hurdy-gurdy flow from A Nice Idea Every Day

WATCH IT: Crystal Castles "Sad Eyes" (Rob Hawkins & Marc Pannozzo, dir.)

A potentially seizure inducing foray into interlaced video static with footage of Crystal Castles and a pair of masked make-out bandits.

NEWS: WMG and NAMPA Music Video Royalty Deal

The Warner Music Group follows in the footsteps of Universal by signing a music video royalty rate agreement with the National Music Publishers' Association.Here...

Lorenzo DiGrasso "Finally" (Anthony Furlong, Dir.)

This video is obviously Kick-Ass, with a Hit-Girl bounding around NYC for some dance battles.

CAN YOU WATCH IT: Tempura Kidz "Cider Cider"

I don't know what's going on here, but I'm glad it's largely contained to Japan. For now. (Then again, is it really any weirder than Yo Gabba Gabba?)

NY Times Circa 1989 on Music Videos

Stumbled upon this fantastic 1989 NY Times article by Jon Pareles about MTV as what saved the music business from a post-disco slump. It's mostly glowing, before it...

Warren Fu on Julian Casablancas Video / LAMVF Screening Wednesday Night

Director Warren Fu on Julian Casablancas "Phrazes Of The Young" —"Phrazes for the Young isn't really a music video, but it still serves the same...

Most Popular Music Videos: Week of January 22

A snapshot of the most popular videos online and on-air... This is very much a moving target, so consider this to be 100% correct only for the next few minutes... And look...

Heems "Soup Boys" (Matt Kliegman/STEAMCLAM, dir.)

Is this the drones protest song you've been waiting for? Probably not, since Das Racist alum Heems streams like a wake-and-bake consciousness while director Matt...

Shugo Tokumaru "Katachi" (Kijek/Adamski, Dir.)

As someone who can barely cut in a straight line — let alone make the countless insanely complex shapes on display here — I can say with authority that...