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"12 Days Of Christmas" (Ben & Julia, Dir.)

Here's a cute clip from Ben & Julia — who delighted us in 2012 with a bottle-poppin' pekingnese — that should resonate with, if not nauseate anyone...


Here's the truth: PSY "Gangnam Style" is the only video most people will remember from 2012. It's by far the most popular, most impactful, and the most...

2012 Best Music Videos From Around The Web

So many videos, so many recaps. Here are just a few we found, ranging from magazines, energy drink brands, TV channels, blogs and plenty more. See below. Click away. See what...

U2 "One" (Anton Corbijn, Mark Pellington, Phil Joanou, dir.) 2992

First off, we have Anton Corbijn's version, which is the one I most associate with the song. Shot on-location at and around Berlin's Samsa Studio where U2 recorded...

Best Music Videos of December 2012

With the glut on Year End Top Video Lists this month — and yes, I'll take some of that blame — it's easy to forget some great stuff was released right at that annual...

Sufjan Stevens "Holly Jolly" (Joe Baughman, dir.)

May all your stop-motion Christmas wishes come true. --> watch "Holly Jolly"

The Pogues "Fairytale Of NY" (Peter Dougherty, dir. - 1987)

Why can't a Christmas fairytale start in the drunk tank and end up with a couple mired in nothing but broken dreams? PS: Yes, Rumble Fish fans, that is a young Matt...

Calvin Harris "...From The Bottle" (Haycock/Rojas, dir.)

Although the premise of "Lucifer moves to Hollywood and fits right in" sounds like a sitcom, directors AG Rojas and Vincent Haycock balance the flashes of humor here — I...

Big Boi f/ Ludacris & TI "In The A" (A. Papalexopoulos, dir.)

Behind The Scenes of Big Boi "In The A"..

Denzel Curry "CLOUT COBAIN" (Zev Deans, dir.)

The visual skew more Manson than Cobain in this twisted circus of a video.