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Paul McCartney, Beck "Find My Way" (Andrew Donoho, dir.)

Has Paul McCartney gotten younger? Or does Beck look like the legendary Beatle? Or something entirely different? Let's welcome the magical mystery world of deep fake tech...

Belly, The Weeknd, Young Thug "Better Believe" (Christian Breslauer, dir.)

Belly gets top billing, but also brace yourself for a deadly impactful opening by The Weeknd and a steamroller of a guest spot by Young Thug in this bombastic video that will...

Brandi Carlile "Right On Time" (Courteney Cox, dir.)

Courteney Cox is no stranger to music videos — some of you may still know her best as Bruce's dance partner — but here she directs a clip that starts with...

The War on Drugs "Living Proof" (Emmett Malloy, dir.)

A journey through the lonely countryside.

Jesse McCartney "Kiss The World Goodbye" (Maxx and Madison, dir.)

A mini-movie where Jesse McCartney and his real-life fianceé Katie Peterson are driven to extremes in an effort to stay afloat.

Shakira "Don't Wait Up" (Warren Fu, dir.)

Surf's up for Shakira.

John Mayer "Shot In The Dark" (Mathew Cullen, dir.)

Nailing that '80s vibe, right down to the once familiar MTV-styled song information chyron.

Normani f/ Cardi B "Wild Side" (Tanu Muino, dir.)

On the wild side indeed, with provocative poses, askewed angles, and a wide variety of sulty dance set-ups.

Vince Staples "ARE YOU WITH THAT?" (Jack Begert, dir.)

Biz Markie, RIP

Sad news in the music world as the incomparable Biz Markie passed away at the age of 57. Biz was best know for his 1989 Top 10 hit "Just A Friend," in addition...