DIVERSION: Mark Gormley "Sing Me Your Song"

This may be the moment when music video product placement jumps the shark. Or, more likely, the greatest product placement video of all time. Music video impresario Phil Thomas Katt — host and producer of The Uncharted Zone, the Gulf Coast's leader in music video programming and production — presents the incomparable Mark Gormley in this 5 clipper for the haunting "Sing Me Your Song." Part of it takes place on the moon, part of it on the beach. There's a woman involved [isn't there always?]. And, there's Cheetos. Cheetos Giant to be exact. In the studio. On the moon. Everywhere. As my branding friend Jay says, "Don't be disillusioned. Think of it like The Medici's patronage of Donatello and Da Vinci." Indeed. --> watch "Sing Me Your Song"



Doug's picture
They stole MY idea for a video!
Patrick B.'s picture
Why? Why would Mark sell out? I can't believe this. Cheetos? This shatters my whole universe Mr. Gormley.
Steven Gottlieb's picture
Gormley gotta eat.